Monday, May 10, 2010


When one reads about the sacrifices that were offered in the Temple, one is challenged by the apparent barbaric nature of the sacrificial service. However, this idea quickly fades if one understands that the Jewish people were on a elevated spiritual plain due to their connection to HaShem …and through the holiness of the Temple. As a result they were able to see the pure spiritual essence of the entire Temple service, especially the sacrificial system. However, as a result of intentional sin there was a dulling of their spiritual senses and the mitzvah of the Temple service was transformed into mere lifeless ritual…thus concealing the goodness of HaShem (Amos 5:21-27). This was something HaShem could not allow, therefore the Temple was taken away and the sacrifices stopped. In the same way, we suffer from the same spiritual deficiencies. Because our spiritual senses are so dulled we don’t always perceive the true essence of a mitzvah. It is in this context that the prophet Hosea speaks to us in our currant exile;

“For many days the children of Israel will sit with no king, no officer, no sacrifice… Afterward the children of Israel will return and seek HaShem their G-d and David their King, and they will tremble for HaShem and for His goodness in the end of days (Hosea 3:4-5).”

The exile is designed to correct our spiritual deficiency... as we seek to reveal what has been concealed . Ironically, this soul correction will be a result of living momentarily...WITHOUT a temple or sacrifice. In our exile we are poised to catch a glimpse of Torah… as it really is. By returning to HaShem in exile we are afforded the opportunity to see through Heaven’s eyes. One day ALL of us will perceive the true nature of a mitzvah (Jer. 31:30-33)…. “And we will tremble for the goodness of HaShem.”

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